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 ETHOS                          H.A.L.A.

 At Jannah Hotels & Resorts our purpose is to engage, enrich and evolve for   Our Values are our essential and enduring pillars that capture the essence of our
 the benefits of our colleagues, guests, communities and stakeholders.  spirit: H.A.L.A. (i.e. The Bedouin genuine spirit of hospitality). They represent our set
                      of timeless guiding principles that guide our choices, actions, decisions, and behavior.
                      They enable us to live our purpose and cultivate the Bedouin hospitality.
 By embracing  our four values  (H.A.L.A.) we celebrate serving  you  in the
 spirit of the Bedouin hospitality.
                      Honor Your Voice
                      At Jannah Hotels & Resorts, every SAFIR has a “say” in their job – We are all involved
 ‘You‘ are at the heart of our journey. This is our way – The Jannah Way.
                      in the designing, planning, and execution of our work. We value every perspective,
                      and talents  from different generations and leverage how  we can learn from one
                      another. At Jannah Hotels and Resorts, our differences are the source of our richness
                      and innovation. We join hands to ‘rave’ our individuality, diversity, and differences at
                      every turn.

                      Aspire To Surprise
                      At Jannah Hotels & Resorts, we believe that our guests crave experiential experiences.
                      We focus on designing and crafting  unique, engaging,  memorable,  personal, and
                      emotional moments. At Jannah Hotels and Resorts, we all can “wow” our guests each
                      and every day and in the process create advocates of our brand. We are therefore
                      invited anticipate the change, be the change, and go beyond and beyond to design the

                      Lust for Trust
                      At Jannah Hotels & Resorts, we believe in you! Period. We are all encouraged to make
                      decisions that enliven our purpose and bring our service philosophy to life. Trust is
                      the glue that holds our culture together. At Jannah Hotels & Resorts, we depend on
                      you and believe in you. We show loyalty to one another, promote a team spirit, and
                      work together as ONE team to make things happen, whatever happens.
                      Act Forward

                      Jannah Hotels &  Resorts,  we continuously seek  opportunities  to  learn, rethink,
                      and  redefine  the  packaging  of  our  products,  services,  and  experiences.  We  seek
                      opportunities to explore, experiment and enhance everything we touch. At Jannah
                      Hotels & Resorts, we constantly reimagine our business, unceasingly evolve, and push
                      our limits with our passion, imagination, and persistence. And in this process, we give
                      back to our community, and the world we serve.
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